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Advantages and disadvantages of full body training three times a week


There are tangible benefits and drawbacks to training your full body three times a week.


1, Efficient in a short time

Fast and efficient training: Save time by training your whole body in the same session. Training three times a week can stimulate the muscles of the whole body, so you can efficiently increase muscle strength and muscle mass.

2, keep the balance of the whole body

Keep your whole body balanced: By training your entire body evenly, you can keep each muscle group in balance. By focusing on specific muscle groups, you reduce the risk of developing strength imbalances.

3. Increase metabolism


Boost your metabolism: Training your entire body will increase muscle mass and increase your basal metabolism. Muscle is a tissue that consumes energy easily, and by increasing muscle mass through muscle training, you can consume more calories in your daily life.


1. Adequate recovery time is required

Need proper recovery time: When training the whole body, you are working multiple muscle groups and need proper recovery time. Overtraining and lack of proper rest can increase the risk of injury and overwork.

2. Loss of concentration and motivation

Lack of concentration and motivation: If you train your full body three times a week, you need to do a lot of exercises in each session. Because it will be a long training session, you may lose your concentration and motivation. The aim is to complete the training within an hour at most.

3. Less concentration on individual muscle groups

Limited Focus on Individual Muscle Groups: When you train your whole body in the same session, it becomes difficult to focus on individual muscle groups. Split training may be more effective if you want to target specific muscle groups more.



Considering the above pros and cons, you should decide whether to train your whole body three times a week. It's important to tailor your training program to your personal goals and lifestyle. It is also important to warm up well before training and maintain proper form.