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Advantages and disadvantages of split training 4 times a week


There are advantages and disadvantages to training four times a week.


1. Stimulate frequently

Stimulate more often: Training four times a week allows you to stimulate your muscles more often. The higher the frequency, the easier it is for your muscles to grow.

2, Individual time can be secured for muscle recovery

Allow enough time for your muscles to recover: The more days you train, the more rest time each muscle group will have. This promotes muscle recovery and growth.

Individual muscles have more rest time than a full-body workout.

If you decide to train your biceps every Monday, you can rest your biceps for 6 days other than Monday.


3, You can concentrate on training individual muscles


Split training is possible: Four times a week training can incorporate split training. By focusing on specific muscle groups, you can improve your balanced strength and appearance. Anyway, I will do my best while talking to individual muscles.


1. Need time management

Requires good time management: Training four times a week takes more time. In order to fit training into a busy schedule, time management is required.

2. Need to withstand high load

Your body needs to adapt to higher loads: Training four times a week demands higher loads. If you are a beginner or your body is not used to it, you need to pay attention to proper form and load adjustment.

3. Risk of fatigue and overload

Risk of Excessive Fatigue and Overload: Training at high frequency carries the risk of over-fatigue and overload. Ensuring proper rest and recovery is important. Overtraining can lead to injury and overwork.


Training frequency should be adjusted according to individual goals and physical condition. Training four times a week, combined with the right program and rest, can promote effective strength gains and body fat loss.