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strength training technique and form

Here are some strength training techniques and forms.

Strength training technique and form are very important to maintain correct posture and movement. Adhering to proper form can reduce the risk of injury while training effectively. Below are some common strength training techniques and forms.

This time, we will introduce 3 types of muscle training, plus 1 type.

It is a training that should be done in common from beginners to veterans.



① Place your feet shoulder-width apart and point your toes slightly outward.


② Drop your hips and stick your butt back while keeping your back straight.


③ Lower until your thighs are parallel to the ground, then use your heels to stand up strongly.

Be careful not to let your knees go inward.



bench press


① Lie down on a bench and keep your back and buttocks firmly in contact with the bench.


②Place your hands slightly wider than shoulder width.


③ Lower the barbell on your chest and bend your elbows to about 90 degrees.


④ Apply force to push the barbell up and stretch it out completely.


⑤ Try to touch your chest when you lower the barbell, but be careful not to use recoil.



①Grasp the bar and spread your feet shoulder-width apart.


②While keeping your back straight, push your buttocks back and bend your knees slightly.


③ Use your hips to lift the bar and use your thighs and back to stand up.


④ Attract your shoulder blades and be conscious of stretching your spine.



lat pulldown


① Hold onto the upper pulley bar and place your hands slightly wider than shoulder width.


②Keep your hips firmly in place and your back straight.


③ Lower the bar while pulling your shoulder blades together without bending your elbows.


④ Pull the bar down until your upper arms are close to your body, then slowly return it to its original position.


Here are some examples of some strength training techniques and forms. However, it is recommended that you seek guidance from a trainer or professional prior to training in order to acquire proper form. It's also important to adjust it to your individual physique and fitness.