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Proper training program for strength training

The appropriate strength training program will vary depending on your individual goals and level, but below are some examples of common programs. It is important that specific programs are tailored to individual needs.


Full body workout 3 times a week


3x weekly full body training program:

Monday: Squat, bench press, barbell row, shoulder press, deadlift

Wednesday: Leg press, dumbbell fly, chin, barbell shoulder press, barbell curl

Friday: Lunges, incline dumbbell bench presses, lat pulldowns, side raises, leg curls







4 splits per week

Four times a week split training program:

Monday: chest/triceps (bench press, dumbbell fly, triceps pushdown, etc.)

Tuesday: Back/biceps (deadlifts, barbell rows, barbell curls, etc.)

Thursday: Legs and shoulders (squats, leg presses, shoulder presses, etc.)

Friday: Arms/Abs (barbell curls, triceps extensions, crunches, etc.)










High Intensity Training (HIT) Program:

Twice weekly workouts thoroughly stimulate each muscle group.

Do one workout in one session and apply maximum load.

For example, squat on Monday, bench press on Wednesday, and deadlift on Friday.








These programs are general examples, but it's important to tailor them to your abilities and goals. Also, don't forget to warm up properly and check your form before training, cool down and stretch after training.


It is desirable to receive the advice of experts and trainers to create and instruct programs tailored to individual situations.