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Continuing muscle training and making it a habit

I will tell you about specific examples of continuation and habituation of muscle training.


Continued benefits


Practicing strength training has the following benefits:


Easy to continue: Making muscle training a habit makes it easier for beginners to continue. By making it a habit, training becomes part of your daily routine and your motivation increases.


Results that work: With consistent strength training, you'll see changes in your body and improved performance. By doing regular exercise, you can expect to grow muscle and improve strength.


Improve your health: Strength training is not only good for your physical health, but also your mental health. Regular exercise helps reduce stress, relax, and support a healthy lifestyle.

habituation method


In order to make muscle training a habit, it is recommended to try the following specific methods.


Set a time period: Start by deciding how long you want to work out. For example, create a 10-week training plan and aim to make it a habit during that period.


Schedule: Build your strength training schedule into your schedule ahead of time. Set aside specific days and times each week for training.


Prepare your space and equipment: Prepare your training space, such as your home or gym. Having all the tools and equipment you need will help you get started.


Set goals: Set short-term and long-term goals. Having a goal will motivate you and keep you on track.


Routine it: It's important to incorporate strength training into your daily routine. Consistency in training times and procedures promotes habituation.

Change after continuation


If you continue to do strength training, you can feel the change in your body.

Muscles grow little by little through a phenomenon called super-recovery. About 3 months or more after starting muscle training for the first time, you can feel the growth and strengthening of your muscles.



The above is a concrete example of continuing muscle training and making it a habit. Continue regular training while understanding the benefits and adopting strategies to make it a habit. By continuing, you can expect effective results and health promotion.