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Example of specific goal setting for muscle training

I will explain in detail about specific examples of setting goals for muscle training. Use the information below to help you set specific goals that work for you.


Improved appearance

Visual Goals: You can improve your physical appearance through strength training. Concrete examples include getting a ripped abdomen, developing arm muscles to get toned upper arms, and strengthening thigh muscles to get slim legs. increase.








Weight Goals: Using more weight in training is key to improving strength. Specific examples include lifting 1.5 times your body weight on the bench press, aiming for a specific weight on the squat, and working more than your body weight on the deadlift.







Target by event

Training Exercise Goals: There are many different exercises in strength training, so you can set goals for specific exercises. For example, you could do more push-ups, do more pull-ups than your body weight, or target a certain number of squats.








Improve body flexibility and posture: In addition to strength training, it is also important to aim to improve flexibility and posture. Specific goals might include mastering a specific pose through yoga or stretching, or maintaining good posture by keeping your back straight.



When setting goals, it is important not to set unreasonable goals, but to set appropriate goals according to your current situation and abilities. In addition, it is effective to record daily training and use photos to manage goals and maintain motivation.