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7 pieces of advice for strength training beginners

Here are some tips for strength training beginners. Please refer to it when you start muscle training.


aim setting

Set goals: Before you start working out, be clear about what your goals are. For example, increased fitness, increased muscle strength, and decreased body fat. Having a goal helps keep you motivated.







Training program selection

CHOOSE THE RIGHT TRAINING PROGRAM: Find a training program for beginners and choose one that fits your goals and fitness level. If you can go to the gym, it is also recommended to consult a trainer.





technique and form

Focus on technique and form: It's important to use proper form when working out. Watch videos and professional guides to learn the correct postures and movements to prevent injury.






Weight and reps settings

Choose Appropriate Weight and Reps: For beginners, it is important to choose a weight and reps that suit your physical strength, without overdoing it. Start with light weights and gradually increase the load.







rest and recovery

Give yourself plenty of time to rest and recover: It's important to give yourself plenty of rest and recovery time after working out. Rest after training is where your muscles grow, so get proper rest.







continuation and habituation

Be consistent and habitual: It can take some time before you feel the benefits of strength training. It may be difficult to continue at first, but let's continue with the aim of making it a habit. You can feel the progress little by little.







diet and nutrition

Pay attention to your diet and nutrition: A balanced diet and proper nutrition are also important for maximizing your strength training results. Make a conscious effort to consume nutrients such as protein, carbs and healthy fats.







The above is a summary of advice for strength training beginners. It's important to choose a training program that suits your goals and work with correct form and appropriate load. Steady effort and continuation will lead to improvement in muscle strength and physical strength, so please work on it while feeling your progress little by little.